Airing my thoughts finally…..

Ok so being cooked up inside today ill has given me a lot of time to work on this here blog (perhaps I should be writing the next chapter in my book or doing something constructive but alas the internet wins)

I’ve kept fairly quiet since the 12th Doctor was announced for various reasons. So many people have opinions so really who would want to listen to mine? I’m also a lover of all things Who so sometimes my opinions can seem biased but lets be honest who’s can’t?

I remember being at a friends on the day of the announcement, by the time Doctor Who Live came on air I had already had a few ciders and the excitement had been building for days. I remember the newspapers were so adamant that it would be Peter Capaldi and I had argued with various people on Facebook that it wouldn’t be. I just couldn’t see it, I thought that taking over from Matt would have to be someone slightly older but not such a big age gap that it ruled Capaldi out.

I am a massive Malcolm Tucker fan, in all honesty I don’t think there has ever been a greater comedic character created for television than the  foul mouthed angry Scotsman which Peter Capaldi so astonishingly lent his time to bringing to life. Being from the fine county of Ayrshire myself I find it hilarious when I see Scottish characters on television that remind me of people I know.

William Hartnell brought Doctor Who to our screens in 63 and I don’t think for one minute that anyone thought it would be still going 50 years later, when Hartnell was leaving I would love to have been a fly on the wall in the offices at BBC to listen to the conversations about whether to stop the show or keep it going. Casting another actor in the role but as a completely different persona was a stroke of genius and one that frankly I don’t think will ever be matched. Patrick Troughton (my Doctor) took on the role and it was really him that showed us all what the Doctor could be.

Jon Pertwee brought us an action hero and Tom Baker brought us a goofball. Peter Davison gave us a quicker pace and Colin Baker took us to a darker place at time. Sylvester McCoy gave us what he could and I really think that he could have been the best Doctor had it not gone off the air and we had witnessed the Cartmell Master Plan in full swing. Paul McGann brought us elegance and adventure and if you listen to his Big Finish audio books he took the Doctor to some amazing places.

2005 brought us Christopher Eccleston and what a Doctor he was. People complain about him only doing one year but in my opinion one year was all he needed to cement his legacy as one of the best Doctors.

Next we were introduced to David Tennant and his Doctor was great but for me it wasn’t as great as everyone seems to think.

Doctor number eleven took us to so many places. Matt Smith took Colin Bakers dark side, Patrick Troughtons childish side, Tom Bakers goofy side and William Hartnells stern side and combined them all into what is a tremendous performance.

This brings me to my opinion on what I think about Capaldi taking on the role……….it’s genius! Matt Smiths Doctor was young but so old at the same time, if you throw that into an older body it works perfectly. Capaldi is a fantastic actor in everything he’s ever done. Who cares that he’s been in Doctor Who before (although as Mr Moffat has said he will work that into the story and it’s something that RTD has come up with)

The very essence of Doctor Who is change and unpredictability and that’s exactly what we’re getting. Thinking about it now I don’t think there’s anyone else who I would rather see take control of the TARDIS than Mr Capaldi. I will always think of him as Mr Malcolm Tucker but now I get to think of him as The Doctor and that to me is just fantastic. Will the Clara/Doctor relationship stay the same? No of course it won’t but quite frankly that doesn’t matter, look at the relationship between Five and Peri and then Six and Peri……….moments after Colin Baker appeared he tried to strangle Peri and instantly it worked, he wasn’t the same Doctor as before but it was exciting. Doctor/Companion relationships change and they should. We’ve had the young “love/lust” thing going on but now I’m excited to see what the hell is going to happen.

Doctor number 12 in the words of Malcolm Tucker…….”Come the fuck in or fuck the fuck off

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