Good golly that’s strange.

I was scrolling through some of the “Year in Review” posts around the internet recently. Most of them are drab and mainly about things that I couldn’t care less about. For example there is a “Best Celeb Twitpics of 2013” post doing the rounds which I outright avoided. The celebrity world is too over exposed, it’s mind numbing and honestly can anyone really say that all the media attention directed at celebrities serves any real purpose?

Every so often I would come across a “Year in Review” page that I did enjoy and that did interest me. One of my favourites being “The Years Best Space Pictures” which looks back at some of the breathtaking images captured from the far reaches of space. My favourite of these was the image of the Horsehead Nebula, which if you take a wander over to the page you’ll find it more astonishing than my words could ever describe.

Another image that really captured my imagination was the image of the apparent “Space Invader” heading towards earth. It has been explained that this is just the image of a far off Galaxy which appears to take that shape after some light manipulation.

Whether that is the case or not, it really got me thinking. I am not what you would call a conspiracy theorist, I don’t think that aliens walk among us. I don’t believe that they have control of our governments or influence the path of the human race. Frankly I find that idea ludicrous and wishful thinking on many peoples part.

I do however strongly believe that there are some organic lifeforms out there in the far out corners of the universe. The universe is around 16 billion years old and is so vast that it’s impossible for the human mind to fully comprehend. Our own galaxy is only 4.5 billion years old and thus far we still are not aware of everything that happens in it. Therefore it only stands to reason in my mind that there are life forms out there who are older than the human race, who most probably have more advanced technology than us and who are possibly on a planet millions of light years away looking through their own telescopes pondering the same questions that we are.

Do I think we’ll ever find these lifeforms? Do I think we’ll ever make contact? Honestly, I don’t know. If we do then it certainly won’t be in my lifetime.

Supposed Space Invader

Crying Warriors

The turkeys have been picked to the bones, the oven is resting after working overtime and in a weeks time most if not all the decorations will be hidden away for another 12 months. Yes another Christmas has come and gone, the madness has subsided as now everyone looks forward to New Years.

As I’ve said before, I don’t celebrate Christmas. I go for the family dinner and I respect my family for what they believe in. This year was no different in that respect, except that this year it was a calm and peaceful experience. My eldest sister spent her first Christmas at home with my nieces and nephew and so my parents house was unusually quite. As much as I don’t celebrate Christmas, it goes without saying that Christmas without noisy children and hoards of wrapping paper just doesn’t feel quite the same.

Of course Christmas brought the final outing for Matt Smiths 11th Doctor. As a Doctor Who fanatic since I was able to open my eyes I’ve grown used to the regeneration process but this one hit me a little bit harder. Patrick Troughton was always the Doctor that I rated as number one but Matt Smith stole that position gracefully. I’ve never had to say goodbye to MY Doctor before and it was rather difficult. I do however look forward to Peter Capaldi, a tremendous actor and fellow Scotsman, doing his magic with the part.

I’ve been writing a lot recently, though not on here. I’ve been on an uninterrupted concept fodder with my book and it’s coming along nicely. My biggest challenge at the moment is just trying to keep each chapter interesting whilst still retaining a sizeable novel. I had to do a rewrite of the first few chapters after realising that another character could add another dimension, which although I’m pleased about, was frustrating having to adapt everything to fit in this new character. Hopefully it all works nicely though. Bouncing two characters off of each other is fun, especially when one isn’t quite as cognizant as you’re led to believe. I keep my fingers crossed that the start of 2014 will allow me to finish writing it and start getting feedback on it.

On another note, if anyone hasn’t yet watched “The Desolation of Smaug” then I would suggest doing it at the cinema relatively soon. I think there’s two types of movies – those that you can wait to watch on DVD and those that you NEED to watch on the big screen. Desolation of Smaug is definitely one that you need to watch on the big screen. The cinematography is magnificent and without giving too much away, a river and some barrels for me make one of the best scenes I’ve viewed in years.  Not to mention that Smaug himself is extremely impressive and Benedict Cumberbatch really shows his adaptability at voice work.

Speaking of the Cumberbatch, Sherlock returns on New Years Day and after two years we shall finally find out how our favourite consulting detective survived that fall.

It has been a busy time of year, the annual chaos. For some it’s a time of great happiness and joy, a large dinner and exchanging gifts. Every year I get reminded how lucky I am to have a family who I can go to on Christmas Day, this year was no exception. Every year however I am also reminded that there are those out there who aren’t so lucky, who woke up on Christmas under a box or in a shop doorway. I also realise that this happens to them everyday of the year. Spare a thought for the ones that matter…..

12 Year Old Me.

I often wonder what the 12 year old me would think when he looked at my life. The 12 year old dreamer that would have wrestling matches in the garden and build home-made tents in the woods (I was the original Bear Grylls)

If I were to come face to face with my 12 year old self, would he look at me with approval and satisfaction? Or would he cast his eyes over me, them tinted with disappointment and despair? How would he feel about the man he was to become?

Truthfully I struggle to answer that. I often feel like I still am that 12 year old boy. I still enjoy the same things as he did although I doubt he would approve of my nicotine habit. I still dream about certain things, unattainable dreams but they’re still in my head.

I think part of him would be disappointed that all those dreams he had never amounted to anything, he never became a world famous wrestler or a famous musician. He never became a multi-millionaire with houses on every continent.

12 year old me had an easy life, I’m not going to hide that fact. He was well cared for, had strong morals and was extremely polite. The adult me would probably disgust him. I smoke, I drink, I swear and I write. Writing for me back then was a hellacious task, it was repellant to me.

If I could go back and tell 12 year old me one thing, it would be this – Life is hard, it’s vengeful and spiteful, it throws you bricks instead of hope and it’s never easy.

Or I could just tell him nothing and let it play out the way it did for me. Everyone wants to go back and change something about their life, take a different course of action on a specific day or not say the wrong thing to the wrong person. If you could though, if you could change your life would you truly be happy? Life is full of regrets but more so – life is full of character building problems which define us.

If 12 year old me walked in to this room right now, he would probably turn round and walk straight back out after looking at what his future holds. He may not want to become me but I’m still him.

What I will be doing…

It has been a while since I posted anything new on here, part of the reason is that strangely I had nothing interesting to say. The truth is I probably still don’t have anything of interest to anyone to say.

As the world currently prepares itself for Christmas Day in little over a weeks time, the streets are packed of shoppers, the television is crammed with festive programming and the radio stations plough us with the types of songs that you only like at this time of year.

Most people are getting ready for the big day by planning a meal and wrapping presents and are genuinely excited for the 25th of December. I on the other hand couldn’t care less.

I am in no means a person who detests Christmas and I hold no ill feelings towards those who celebrate it joyously. I was raised a catholic and from a very early age I had it drilled into me that Christmas was an important time of the year. Along the strange path that is my life I eventually lost belief in a God of any sort but for a while I still revelled in the Christmas spirit.

For me Christmas holds no place in my life any more and that’s purely a personal decision. I do not preach to people that they should not celebrate something that makes them happy, gives them time with loved ones and gives them that one day escape from the harsh reality of the world.

Most people today look upon Christmas as a time to give gifts and less than half know the real history of the holiday. Truth be told, most people under 25 have no real knowledge of it’s origins. The whole “It’s the day Jesus was born” serves as sufficient reason for people, and why would anyone beg to differ? If you told someone that most of the Christmas traditions actually come from Pagan rituals they will most likely stare at you blankly before googling what ‘Pagan’ means.

Christmas Day for me is just an ordinary day where I get that special episode of Doctor Who to watch and I get to see my family who I don’t see for 364 days a year. They all do what they do as firm believers and people full of faith and I do what I do and don’t disrespect them, I nod and smile and am just grateful that I have family around me. You won’t see me pray or open a gift, you won’t get a Christmas card from me. If you say “Merry Christmas” to me then you’ll get a “Merry Christmas” back. I don’t celebrate Christmas but I would never go out of my way to ruin it for anyone else.

“Don’t you like getting presents” – people ask me.

I like getting presents, who doesn’t? The difference is that I like getting things at a time when I think they should be given out.

I heard someone walk past a homeless man once and without even going into their pocket they turned to their friend and said “He’s not getting anything today, I need to save for Christmas” and that saddened me.

To everyone who won’t be celebrating Christmas this year whether it’s just not your thing or it’s part of a different religion then whatever you do I hope you enjoy it.

To all those who will be celebrating Christmas then have a Merry Christmas and enjoy it.