Losing days…

I have been so engulfed in putting words on pages recently that I’ve lost track of days. I could have sworn today was Friday so I was confused when I picked up a newspaper to see it read “The Independent on Sunday” instead of just “The Independent”

At some point in my life, this entire tumultuous ‘forgetting which day it is’ debacle is not going to serve me well. Unless I can be two days late for my own death in which case it has served a necessary purpose.

Cup of tea and some Ocean Colour Scene to kick off the day as I prepare to attempt to construct some more comprehensive yet esoteric undertakings.

It’s fascinating to me how something can entirely distract you from the rest of the world. Had I not left the house and ventured to the shop this morning there is a chance that I would not realise it was Sunday until next Sunday arrives.

I’ve been contributing to various writing projects as of late, that has also led my mind into solitary confinement. However, come the end of this month most of those projects will be completed and so I should have a bit more time to enjoy the wonders of life.

I am however making time tonight to watch the latest episode of Sherlock. After a fantastic start to the new series I am eagerly anticipating the remaining episodes.

Anyway, back to the grind.


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