The Social Media Retaliation

Hot on the heels of my rant about Social Media this morning, it appears as though it thought to seek out revenge on me. To be more specific, it appears as though someone thought to seek out some sort of vengeance on its behalf.

Not so long ago I checked my email account and was met by an unusual amount of emails from Twitter to tell me that people had replied to my tweet. This was indeed a strange occurrence and made absolutely no sense to me as everything I post on Twitter is complete nonsense.

Upon checking Twitter (and having to reset my password) I found out that people were asking why my post about Dracula and Badgers was being promoted……

This tweet here;


I will wholeheartedly agree, there is no sane or logical reason why that tweet should ever be promoted. I felt a strange sense of fear upon the realisation that my tweet was being promoted to a bunch of strangers who didn’t ask nor want to see the shite that I talk.

I finally checked my old “campaign” account and as it turns out, someone had hacked me and activated a campaign on the most random of tweets from my account to run on a budget of £150 per day for 10 days. While I could stop that reaching the £1500 mark I was unable to stop it reaching the £150 mark.

Now, thanks to said stranger, I have a bill of £150 that I didn’t want nor need. I have a bunch of new followers and re-tweets that I didn’t ask for.

Social Media and a mystery person has bested me on this occasion and anger is surging through my body. Unfortunately I gave my punch bag to a friend a while back and so I’m currently using the keys on this keyboard in a very forceful manner.

I have learned one lesson today…………..don’t fuck with Social Media.

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