Goodbye old addiction, hello new addiction.

I’m not going to lie to you, my world has taken a strange turn recently and I have become addicted to Grand Theft Auto. It’s strange because I never normally  used to play Xbox that much, sure I had one but I really only played maybe two or three hours a week. Now I seem to be using all my free time to steal cars and go to strip clubs which I’ve become annoyed at myself for.

I read recently about an award winning writer who became addicted to video games, it destroyed his career but he said he doesn’t regret it. I’m not so sure I would feel the same.

I’m going to partly put it down to stopping smoking. I stopped exactly six months ago today and while I’ve not had any cravings I think that a part of my brain needed something to do with my hands. An Xbox controller is perfect for giving you hands something to do, there’s a lot of coordination and movement involved so it keeps them busy.

When I first gave up nicotine I went cold turkey. I didn’t get patches or gum, I didn’t feel the need for E-cigs. I knew that for me to properly give up I had to just grin and bear it and stop completely.

I don’t ever recall being as temperamental as during the first few weeks. I would get angry over the strangest of things and then I would get angry at myself for getting angry. It was not a nice thing to go through.

However six months later and I can honestly say that giving up nicotine has been one of the best decisions that I have made. I no longer feel wheezy, the horrible feeling in my mouth when I wake up is gone and I’ve not had a headache in months.

On top of kicking the smoking habit I also gave up alcohol and carbonated drinks. Anyone who knows anything about Scottish culture will know how hard it is to give up Irn-Bru and anything containing alcohol but somehow I managed.

The amount of money that I have managed to save is astounding. I started putting money into a savings account when I gave up and that’s a great feeling. Looking at your bank balance and seeing money instead of a big round zero.

I remember back at the start, I was going to document my journey on here. I then decided against it, purely because I felt that writing about it everyday would make me think about nicotine and therefore I would want nicotine. Now however, I can safely write about it without any form of craving whatsoever. Even the thought of taking a draw of a cigarette makes me feel disgusting. I don’t miss the taste, I don’t miss the impact on my wallet and I don’t miss standing outside places and having to interact with people who are more irritating than itching powder.