Growing up, Yellow, Fatigue and the Stinger….

I grew up, well sort of. I figured that it was time to get what my mother calls a “real job” and from Monday that entails me wearing a shirt and tie, something which I’m really not looking forward to.

I’m not sure what has come over me this year. I think it’s a mix of getting older and realising that there’s only so long you can live off of unstable work and also the fact that I really need more money in my life.

So from Monday, I’m a suit. While that will make my writing lifestyle take more of a backseat, it certainly won’t end it. I’m hoping that if anything it makes it slightly easier. Rather than laboriously working for hours at a time, I’ll take an hour or two here and there and it might not feel quite as intense.

On another, completely unrelated note, today I’m wearing yellow and I hope you all are too.


I really try and avoid social media trends and everything that goes with them, but the sickness of any child is a horrible thing  that this world dishes out. This isn’t your typical trend either, this isn’t to “raise awareness” or “raise money” or whatever else. This is simply to show support to a small child with no immune system, to put a smile on his face. So even if you have yellow socks, wear them today and join in the love on Twitter and Instagram.

If I can do it with messy hair and an uncombed beard then I’m sure you can all join in too.

If you’ve been following my other blog about my journey to a healthier life then you’ll know that I lost almost 5lbs in two weeks. I was extremely happy with myself. I don’t know how I’ll fair at next weeks weigh in because I’ve been ill for the past few days after catching a bug from my nephew. My exercise routine has been virtually non existent and my appetite pretty much disappeared aside from some chicken cooked in soy sauce and rapeseed oil and brown rice two days ago. If my result next week isn’t as good as it should be then at least I know it was down to illness and not laziness. I did try to get some exercise done but my body was so fatigued and I struggled to breath with my swollen glands and agonising sore throat.

Yesterday I had to go and get a new photo taken for my driving license. I hated it. I hate those photos, you have to just look at the camera, and not use any muscles in your face. It’s like that look that you give someone when they say something that only they find funny.

Finally, it’s WrestleMania weekend. My favourite weekend of the year, being the big geek that I am. Next year I shall be in attendance once again but this year I’m watching from the comfort of my own home. There’s nothing like WrestleMania, whether or not the card itself is good, there’s still such a hype about it that you can’t help but get excited.

Sting has his first ever WWE match this year, and for the 12 year old child in me, that is the most exciting thing ever. Needless to say I will be giddy as hell come Sunday. Whether or not I actually manage to watch the event live is another question. It starts at midnight here and ends at 4am and as I said earlier, I grew up and got a real job and that starts at 9am.

My Journey

I’m on a journey, not one to self enlightenment or anything like that, but one that will benefit how I live my life.
To track it, I’ve started a new blog so that I don’t clutter up this one with my posts about it.

You can read and follow the blog by clicking right HERE

14 Seconds

Completely disregard the fact that I am in love with Ronda Rousey (I mean look at her, who wouldn’t be) for just a few moments.


Last night at UFC 184, she faced off against arguably the second greatest Women’s Mixed Martial Artist in the world right now: Cat Zingano. It should have been a slog for both competitors, it should probably have gone for the full 5 rounds but instead Rousey asserted her dominance, not only in the first round but in the first 14 seconds. A 14 second victory, in a championship fight against the person who is as close to your equal as possible? That’s impressive. Last year her TKO of Alexis Davis in 16 seconds showed just how dominant she is in the octagon but for anyone who doubted that assertion, last night is sure to put those doubts to rest.

Both competitors went into last nights fight with undefeated streaks and ultimately only one was going to leave with that streak still in tact. An arm-bar followed a great transition from a counter take down to have Zingano tapping out almost instantly.

Personally, at this moment in time I don’t see anyone walking out with a win over Rousey, at least not in the near future. Last night Holly Holm looked impressive in her UFC debut so pitting her against Rousey is definitely something I’d like to see in the future.

Overall last nights UFC was a fairly decent event. Coscheck foaming at the mouth after a fight in which he looked dazed for the majority was a highlight. For me though, Rousey just stole the show again.

I wonder if she’d accept my marriage proposal? I can definitely promise her that I last longer in bed than her matches do.