He is……

Sometimes I like to write short stories, sometimes they’re pointless and other times they just don’t make any sense. This one was one that I just sort of put together when trying to exercise my brain. It’s a short about Doctor Who. If you read my “About Me” page you’ll realise that DW holds a special place in my life.

“He never looked back, he never stopped and he never blinked. Time couldn’t catch up with him because he simply strolled through it. Of course he remembered but remembering and looking back were two different things. When the time came – just as it always does – he slowed down, just briefly, just for the shortest moment.

In every solar system, in every galaxy, in every corner possible, there was blood. Dark blood dripping from the hands of one man. If he stopped for just a minute, it would drip and drip and drip, eventually he would drown in the blood on his hands.

A warrior, a goblin, a trickster, a storm, all who he never intended to be but all who he inevitably became.

From the junkyard to the Valeyard, a Grandfather to a son in law. The longest of lives and the largest of hearts wrapped in the smallest of boxes that was bigger than thought.

The warrior, the teachers, the journalist, the shop assistant, the man in the kilt. They all came and they all left, each taking a part of him. Evolving and moving and running and dancing and crying and watching and fighting and saving and shouting and being alive, so alive.

This man was not a man, he was a hero. A hero to many and an enemy of more. The healer, the wise man, the old man, the young man, the new man, the new men! Always changing but staying the same.

The corner stone of the universe and the centre of hope. Joy and happiness and love and loss – so much loss. So much lost but so much saved. He has seen it, he has walked in the eternal light he has created stars and watched lights flicker out.

His story can’t come in a book, his story can’t be placed in chronologies, his story is for everyone to see. Every star, every planet, every solar system has been touched by him.

He is the one that always comes, the one that always runs, the one who can make time stand still and scares the monsters away.

He is the Doctor.”


Is it funny?

I don’t know if any of you have ever heard of Tucker Max? If you’ve ever watched the film “I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell” then you would have. That film is basically based on his life and his stories are on his website and they’re hilarious. I showed them to a friend recently and they suggested I start writing down stories from my past, just for them to read basically. I had a think about it and decided “why the hell not”.

I figured I could give it a test run here and give a sneak preview of it. So here is a snippet from Chapter Three of my life story.

“Place yourself in my situation for a moment. Here I was in the garden next to my parents house, tied up in rope, inside a greenhouse, on my own, no way of getting out and only a leg available. What would you do? Of course, you would use the leg to slide open the door and attempt to hop over to your own garden where one of your parents could untie you, everyone could laugh and “boys will be boys” right? Wrong!! I kicked the windows in the greenhouse until they smashed, got covered in glass and screamed for my mum who ultimately ran out of the house having witnessed the whole thing, dragged me home, untied me, smacked my arse and sent me to bed. Grounded for two weeks I was. I had lost contact with my new friends within three days of meeting them. This woman couldn’t do this to me! I was a master villain, moments ago I had attempted to destroy the population and take over the world. I was a nemesis to the worlds greatest superheroes, who did she think she was? I wasn’t standing for it! I stormed out of my room, threw open the front door and gallantly walked out of it. Standing on my front door step smiling and pleased with my apparent victory I felt indestructible. Seconds later I got pulled back in the door, skelped again and sent to my bed without dinner. The life of a master villain eh?”

I love reading stuff by Tucker Max and so when the film came out I instantly had to see it. It came out in 2009 and it still stands up as one of my favourites so if you haven’t watched it yet then you should go and find it. I know it’s on LoveFilm so that’s a good place to start.


Back to basics.

Blogging has been a hobby of mine for so long now, it’s hard to remember a time when it hasn’t been something that I’ve done regularly. Of course anyone who’s followed my blogs in the last couple of years will know that I’ve been concentrating on music and as much as I love music I think it’s time to go back to basics and start properly blogging again.

Who knows, I might actually write something worth reading. Gone are my days of writing articles for the newspaper and gone are my days of reviewing albums and gigs. It’s time to start exploring what else lies in my mind and can be put into words for the rest of the world to see.

I enjoy writing, I enjoy reading and I enjoy telling stories. I think that story telling is an art, anyone can tell a tale but to make it into a story and have people interested is a whole different ball game.

Do I think that people will love what I write here? Probably not.

Do I hope that it’s entertaining and worth reading? That’s the goal.

It’s time to go back to basics.