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Good golly that’s strange.

I was scrolling through some of the “Year in Review” posts around the internet recently. Most of them are drab and mainly about things that I couldn’t care less about. For example there is a “Best Celeb Twitpics of 2013” post doing the rounds which I outright avoided. The celebrity world is too over exposed, it’s mind numbing and honestly can anyone really say that all the media attention directed at celebrities serves any real purpose?

Every so often I would come across a “Year in Review” page that I did enjoy and that did interest me. One of my favourites being “The Years Best Space Pictures” which looks back at some of the breathtaking images captured from the far reaches of space. My favourite of these was the image of the Horsehead Nebula, which if you take a wander over to the page you’ll find it more astonishing than my words could ever describe.

Another image that really captured my imagination was the image of the apparent “Space Invader” heading towards earth. It has been explained that this is just the image of a far off Galaxy which appears to take that shape after some light manipulation.

Whether that is the case or not, it really got me thinking. I am not what you would call a conspiracy theorist, I don’t think that aliens walk among us. I don’t believe that they have control of our governments or influence the path of the human race. Frankly I find that idea ludicrous and wishful thinking on many peoples part.

I do however strongly believe that there are some organic lifeforms out there in the far out corners of the universe. The universe is around 16 billion years old and is so vast that it’s impossible for the human mind to fully comprehend. Our own galaxy is only 4.5 billion years old and thus far we still are not aware of everything that happens in it. Therefore it only stands to reason in my mind that there are life forms out there who are older than the human race, who most probably have more advanced technology than us and who are possibly on a planet millions of light years away looking through their own telescopes pondering the same questions that we are.

Do I think we’ll ever find these lifeforms? Do I think we’ll ever make contact? Honestly, I don’t know. If we do then it certainly won’t be in my lifetime.

Supposed Space Invader