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What I will be doing…

It has been a while since I posted anything new on here, part of the reason is that strangely I had nothing interesting to say. The truth is I probably still don’t have anything of interest to anyone to say.

As the world currently prepares itself for Christmas Day in little over a weeks time, the streets are packed of shoppers, the television is crammed with festive programming and the radio stations plough us with the types of songs that you only like at this time of year.

Most people are getting ready for the big day by planning a meal and wrapping presents and are genuinely excited for the 25th of December. I on the other hand couldn’t care less.

I am in no means a person who detests Christmas and I hold no ill feelings towards those who celebrate it joyously. I was raised a catholic and from a very early age I had it drilled into me that Christmas was an important time of the year. Along the strange path that is my life I eventually lost belief in a God of any sort but for a while I still revelled in the Christmas spirit.

For me Christmas holds no place in my life any more and that’s purely a personal decision. I do not preach to people that they should not celebrate something that makes them happy, gives them time with loved ones and gives them that one day escape from the harsh reality of the world.

Most people today look upon Christmas as a time to give gifts and less than half know the real history of the holiday. Truth be told, most people under 25 have no real knowledge of it’s origins. The whole “It’s the day Jesus was born” serves as sufficient reason for people, and why would anyone beg to differ? If you told someone that most of the Christmas traditions actually come from Pagan rituals they will most likely stare at you blankly before googling what ‘Pagan’ means.

Christmas Day for me is just an ordinary day where I get that special episode of Doctor Who to watch and I get to see my family who I don’t see for 364 days a year. They all do what they do as firm believers and people full of faith and I do what I do and don’t disrespect them, I nod and smile and am just grateful that I have family around me. You won’t see me pray or open a gift, you won’t get a Christmas card from me. If you say “Merry Christmas” to me then you’ll get a “Merry Christmas” back. I don’t celebrate Christmas but I would never go out of my way to ruin it for anyone else.

“Don’t you like getting presents” – people ask me.

I like getting presents, who doesn’t? The difference is that I like getting things at a time when I think they should be given out.

I heard someone walk past a homeless man once and without even going into their pocket they turned to their friend and said “He’s not getting anything today, I need to save for Christmas” and that saddened me.

To everyone who won’t be celebrating Christmas this year whether it’s just not your thing or it’s part of a different religion then whatever you do I hope you enjoy it.

To all those who will be celebrating Christmas then have a Merry Christmas and enjoy it.